WorkSafe Vic Develop Claim Info App – Will WA Follow Suit?


There has been some new developments in the mobile app market in Victoria in recent weeks with WorkSafe Victoria producing a brand new claims app.

The claims app itself will allow any workers who have been injured to be able to access compensation guidance material. The app is not just for the injured workers but is also perfect for the employers as well.

The initial success and feedback has been hugely popular and it will be interesting to see if WA adopts a similar style app to address the same issues users in WA come across.

Mr. Bailey who is WorkSafe’s Executive Director of the Insurance Business Unit, stated that the new claims app improved access to claims information for both workers and employers. Moreover the app also helps to explain the workers compensation system in Victoria which can be confusing for some claimants

VicClaim mobil app available for download free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Time will tell if WA will follow suit. The state of Victoria really appear to be ahead of the curve on this particular innovation.

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